We provide a full range of services

1. Garbage, snow and solid waste removal
2. Transportation of crushed stone, sand, etc.
3. Transportation of construction cargo
4. Transportation of agricultural cargo
5. Transportation of industrial cargo

Renting a dump truck in Moscow may be required to transport various goods (soil, crushed stone, sand, grain crops, etc.) and to solve a wide range of tasks. Our experts will help you find the best truck - with the right body type, load capacity and unloading method - to achieve your goals with maximum efficiency and cost. The equipment is provided with a driver and fuel. The ordered fleet of cars is delivered to your facility with delivery.

How to order?

Make an application by calling +7 (495) 085-60-48

Agree on the financial side and technical details with the manager

Expect - the ordered dump truck for rent will arrive right on time

Pay for the work performed in cash or by bank transfer


Dump truck rental is a priority direction of the company

Dump truck rental with us is simple, reliable and profitable! Modern technology, experienced drivers, extremely low tariffs - we work for our reputation and ensure the removal / delivery of cargo even to the most difficult-to-reach places at any time of the day! If you have any questions, call the hotline.

Make a call right now +7 (495) 085-60-48 for urgent receipt of qualified assistance. In case of particularly difficult work, a preliminary visit of a specialist to the site is possible to assess and calculate the required machine hours. Especially long-term use is possible on individual conditions.

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