About company

Over the years, our company has formed a base of satisfied customers. It is constantly replenished with new faces who also become regular customers of services. This is the main indicator of the quality of our company's work.
The company withstands competition in the framework of such a direction as the transport services of special equipment, as many of our customers have seen. What are our advantages over other organizations?
A wide selection of special equipment. There are 50 vehicles equipped for transporting soil, snow, gravel and other materials. If some cars are busy, others will be free. In the near future, the expansion of the vehicle fleet, for greater coverage of the parallel execution of your tasks.
The provided transport services for construction equipment assume reliability. Modern inspection and repairs ensure that the equipment is in good condition. We are closely monitoring this. The vehicle fleet is constantly being updated. On average, the cars that fulfill your orders are no more than 2-3 years old.

All conditions are clear. We value our customers and value their requests, therefore we offer transparent conditions. By contacting our company, each person provides himself with comfort and quality services. Everything is done without interruption. You can always discuss the nuances with our specialists.
We provide support for all areas of activity. Clients receive information about the location of the vehicle with the load. The company lives up to customer expectations. Have questions? We are always in touch 24/7 and are ready to answer questions about the implementation of your order!