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What attachments do you have and what kind of special equipment?

Our organization has a large selection of attachments for different needs. All attachments are available for different categories of equipment, such as a mini loader and a mini excavator to a backhoe loader and heavier tracked and wheeled excavators.

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How to order a rental of special equipment?

To order special equipment for rent, you need to either call +7 (495) 085-60-48 or use the order form on the website from any page in the catalog or send an application by e-mail [email protected] you will need to specify the type of equipment, address works, type of work, lease term, type of payment.

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Do you own the special equipment provided on your website?

Our most important advantage is a large fleet of special equipment and experienced machinists. All equipment is in excellent technical condition due to the annual renewal of the vehicle fleet. Thanks to a large fleet of vehicles, we work very quickly and are able to provide equipment on the day of application. In addition, if the equipment breaks down, we change it to a new one as soon as possible at our own expense.

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What documents are needed to register a lease?

In order for the special equipment to leave the base to your site, you must conclude an agreement and send an application with the details to our mail. We, in turn, issue an invoice to you. You pay for it. After the funds arrive at the current account, we leave the base. If you need it more quickly, then while all the documentation is being done, you leave a deposit in the form of one machine shift upon the arrival of the equipment. After the amount specified in the contract is credited to the account, your deposit is returned.

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What does the price depend on?

The price depends on the number of work shifts, the number of working hours, the nature of the work and the remoteness of the facility. If necessary, our specialists visit the site and discuss each order of equipment individually.

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How fast is the delivery?

After the receipt of funds to the current account, we start loading and leave. If you need to arrive promptly, then we deliver the equipment on the day of the application. You are required to provide a deposit in the form of one machine shift, delivery and removal of equipment by a trawl. After the amount specified in the contract is credited to the account, your deposit is returned.

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